Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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The UK2 Group has been offering reliable web hosting since 1998 and is considered an industry leader with its global group of web hosting brands that supply around one million customers worldwide. With offices in the US and London, the UK2 Group employs over 200 seasoned staff members. As a publisher, you're welcome to promote any of the following UK2 Group web hosting brands:

AN HOSTING - has two basic shared hosting plans to choose from. Both hosting plans offer enough features to satisfy the average visitor who is looking for a simple web hosting solution.

MIDPHASE - offers a variety of web hosting and internet services. At the heart of its services is shared hosting. Prices for the shared hosting plans rival and often beat those of all competitors offering cheap shared hosting.

WESTHOST - has offered premium web hosting solutions since 1998. “Premium hosting” means the level of support and help offered to clients exceeds industry and client standards.

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